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Because I’m too cheap to hire a professional to do it right. I’d like to take a moment and thank the makers of duct tape.

Some Good News… Eventually

2021-02-27T11:25:59-06:00February 27th, 2021|Audiobooks, David, Writing|

It Started As One Of Those Weeks The great Midwest deepfreeze of 2021 thawed overnight. It was suddenly a balmy 65 and warm enough to pull my car out of the garage. After a frustrating day of tech consultant troubleshooting I needed the distraction of a small project. All I wanted [...]


2021-01-31T09:51:34-06:00January 30th, 2020|Books, David, gotAngst|

I’ve been in hiding the last few months. A whirlwind of holidays and family, puppies and remodeling, extra hours at the day job (too many), and a little writer’s block put much of my writing on hiatus over the last few months. It’s slowed work on my next book, kept me from writing blog [...]

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