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Because I’m too cheap to hire a professional to do it right. I’d like to take a moment and thank the makers of duct tape.

Some Good News… Eventually

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It Started As One Of Those Weeks The great Midwest deepfreeze of 2021 thawed overnight. It was suddenly a balmy 65 and warm enough to pull my car out of the garage. After a frustrating day of tech consultant troubleshooting…

I’m Mean to my Wife

As I grow older, I enjoy being a stay-off-my-lawn curmudgeon. I hate everyone like my wife hates dogs. While she doesn’t really hate dogs, and I don’t hate people, I get frustrated by thoughtlessness. People who tailgate when I’m already…


Marvel the corgi sitting in a bag

I’ve been in hiding the last few months. A whirlwind of holidays and family, puppies and remodeling, extra hours at the day job (too many), and a little writer’s block put much of my writing on hiatus over the last…