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Stories about my son James and daughter Joanne.

A Hairy Situation

David's Bald Spot

“Is that you on the cover?” She eyed the hero on my book, inspecting Angst’s gray hair and bald spot before looking at me with a mischievous grin. “Well, heh, no, not exactly.” I take a deep breath, preparing the…


Marvel the corgi sitting in a bag

I’ve been in hiding the last few months. A whirlwind of holidays and family, puppies and remodeling, extra hours at the day job (too many), and a little writer’s block put much of my writing on hiatus over the last…

Clod Makes A Friend – Cover Reveal

Clod Makes a Friend Cover Art

I’m excited to share the book cover and blurb of my new Middle Grade fantasy novella, Clod Makes A Friend! Angst cover artist Alessandro Brunelli has rendered a fun and colorful portrayal of the mischief that Clod and Ada get…

2017 was something

Pedersen Family Picture

I tend to be a glass-is-half-full (of vodka) kinda guy, but I’ve got to admit that 2017 kicked me in a few places that I only show to my wife. I do have a lot to be grateful for, and…

Mayday: New York!

James Fordham graduation

I’m not completely certain what happened to the month of May. I think it’s under a pile of dusty calendars and broken clocks. What started with Demicon and ends with ConQuesT also included several business trips to the west coast,…

Drowning In My Empty Nest

Drowning in Angst Artwork

My 21 year old son texted me from college that he likes the taste of White Russians. So many thoughts rushed through my brain. Me too! I hope he’s being safe! Try it with rum instead of vodka! OMG he’s…