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Drowning in Angst is the third novel in the Angst fantasy series.

I had some Angst in 2015

David and Mom

2015 was a year of incredible highs and terrible lows. It’s been a galactic roller coaster. “Hey, look, it’s the beautiful Milky Way… Uh, wait, how did I end up in a planet’s molten core?” Ugh. Life threw a lot…

Drowning In My Empty Nest

Drowning in Angst Artwork

My 21 year old son texted me from college that he likes the taste of White Russians. So many thoughts rushed through my brain. Me too! I hope he’s being safe! Try it with rum instead of vodka! OMG he’s…

When Angst 3 will be ready?

Angst 3 Logo

I’ve been asked when Angst 3 will be ready and thought I’d share a brief update. Last week I released the first 16 chapters of my 3rd Angst novel into the wild. The alpha team is hopefully enjoying them now,…