Updating My To-Do List

2021-04-07T12:23:13-05:00December 1st, 2017|Books, David, gotAngst, Writing|

I hit the tail end of a long to-do list today, and had to take a step back to reassess. I’ve accomplished a lot of behind-the-scenes, sometimes boring, but very important work for my books. I’ve been so deep in the throes of the business of publishing for the last several months, that I [...]

Book 4 Cover Reveal: Burning With Angst

2021-02-11T13:26:15-06:00December 2nd, 2016|Books, New Release|

I'm so excited to share this amazing wrap-around book cover by Alessandro Brunelli! Not only did he do an incredible job, he has the rare gift of turning my crappy sketches and vague ideas into art. My sincere thanks to Alessandro for his great work! We left the blurb off so you can see more [...]

Angst 2nd Edition Release Announcement

2021-02-12T23:30:57-06:00July 15th, 2016|Books, gotAngst, New Release|

After 5 years, I’ve decided to go back and re-release my first fantasy novel, “Angst”. Like many artists, I really felt that the book needed to be what I originally envisioned. I’ve revised the story to make sure the plot threads lined up more neatly, changed several character names, added cgi special effects of never [...]

Drowning in Angst Book Cover and Blurb

2021-03-05T11:20:32-06:00March 28th, 2015|Books, gotAngst, New Release|

Drowning in Angst Blurb: The five elements are at war and Ehrde is their battlefield. The only one who can possibly protect the inhabitants, is a hero bonded to a foci, a weapon of unimaginable power. Unfortunately, the hero is having a little problem. Bonding with the giant sword saved Angst’s life, but didn’t make [...]

Hiring A 99 Designs Book Cover Artist

2021-03-18T21:54:02-05:00February 3rd, 2015|Books, New Release|

It’s kind of a funny story. The cover for my first fantasy novel, Angst, was created by Chevsy, a Serbian artist I found on Deviant Art. He was great to work with, and very patient. Very. There was a little communication barrier, I don’t speak art, and needless to say his English was far [...]

April 2013 Update: Cons and a Book Teaser

2021-07-18T21:50:19-05:00April 18th, 2013|Books, Cons, Writing|

A few quick updates about cons and a book cover teaser! First of all, I have to say thanks to everyone involved in putting Nerd-Kon together, as well as those attending. It was a great sci-fi / fantasy convention held annually in Omaha, NE - be sure to go in 2014! If you haven't seen [...]

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