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How Daniel Craig Reminded Me It’s Okay To Take A Break

2021-04-05T09:29:04-05:00November 20th, 2015|David, Writing|

When I am on the downhill ride of a novel, that part where the ideas tumble out so fast I almost can’t type enough words per minute to keep up, in the back of my head, I remember thinking, “I’m going to keep this momentum going.” At this point of the creative journey, I [...]

Success vs. Accomplishment

2021-03-02T10:31:51-06:00September 28th, 2015|David, Writing|

I’m not what some would call a successful writer. This is not a complaint, merely a realization. I haven’t sold 100,000 books, they haven’t made Angst The Motion Picture, I haven’t been interviewed on a late night talk show. (Yet.) Hell, since 2005 I’ve only completed three books when many of my indie peers pump [...]

Underinspired and Getting Through It

2021-03-04T09:41:00-06:00August 30th, 2015|David, Writing|

I’ve been underinspired over the last month, and if you read my last blog post you’ll understand why. After that weekend, I haven’t felt like doing much. (Someone please come mow my lawn.) My son was in town for a few weeks, visiting before college started up, and the timing of his visit couldn’t have [...]

The More I Learn About Writing…

2021-03-08T00:59:22-06:00September 23rd, 2014|Books, gotAngst, Writing|

I learn more about writing with every book. I wrote the ending of my 3rd fantasy novel, Drowning in Angst, years ago. I've been editing the rough draft and had to chuckle at the format of those last chapters. Apparently I was still putting a double-space after periods. Pre-editor, old-school, typewriter formatting at it's finest. [...]

How I Deal With Writer’s Block

2014-03-19T03:27:00-05:00March 19th, 2014|gotAngst, Writing|

DC ENTERTAINMENT Some days my writing comes naturally, flocking like the salmon of Capistrano, ebb and flow as smoothly as – well, you get the idea. It’s like I’m on this path and can run freely, walk and enjoy the view, or even stop to smell the roses. When I struggle with my writing, it’s [...]

A Look Forward – Could This Be My Future?

2014-02-17T03:54:00-06:00February 17th, 2014|Books, David, gotAngst, Writing|

Facebook recently produced a feature that compiles highlights of images and posts users have made since joining into a video montage called A Look Back. If you use Facebook, and haven’t watched your video, it can be created by going here: www.facebook.com/lookback Personally, I found my video to be touching. Some of my friends’ videos, [...]

2013 Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

2013-12-12T17:06:00-06:00December 12th, 2013|David, Writing|

Holy crap what happened to 2013! There I was working hard to complete the rough draft of Buried in Angst and BAM my creative energies are suddenly focused on cheap, er, thoughtful Christmas presents. (Someone tell my why it’s a faux pas to give pictures of yourself every year? I even sign them, and my [...]

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