Colonize Epiales – An unexpected book for an unusual series

front and back covers

I’m excited to share that Colonize Epiales is now available on Amazon for both Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. This is a dark, science fiction novel and the second book in the Watson’s Worlds series. If you’ve been patiently waiting for a direct sequel to my fantasy LitRPG, Entriss Online, I owe you an explanation. An […]

Colonize Epiales Book Cover Reveal and Preorder | David J. Pedersen

front and back covers

Will You Survive the Challenge? Join the Colonize Epiales Challenge and enter a world that will test your skills, challenge your strategies, and require you to think fast. Compete against 11 other teams for four intense weeks by establishing an outpost in the treacherous virtual reality world of Epiales. Using cutting-edge technology, you will be […]

2022: The Year I Drove Without A Steering Wheel

I had 2022 planned out like Tony Robbins was driving the car and we were on our way to the land of success. My goals were reachable, mapped out, and I was excited…until Tony jumped out of the car with the steering wheel and yelled, “I’m out!” Watson’s Worlds Book Two I’ll start with the […]

Should You Sell Your Books At Comicons

This post is available on YouTube and recorded as a Blogcast – Links Below! Are you thinking of selling your books at conventions and comicons? There are a few things you’ll want to consider before getting that first booth or table to sell your book. Finding Your Audience While we writers all have a passion […]

Free Writing Software for Writers

You want to write and publish a book but you’re on a tight budget and software doesn’t come cheap? Good news! There are some great free writing apps for writers you can use right now. In my last software roundup, I shared the applications that are a part of my writing workflow. Some of that […]

Up To Something Part 2

gotAngst Studio full room

In my first Up To Something post, I mentioned having some plans for 2022. Most of them are behind-the-scenes, but this one will be front and center. Introducing the gotAngst Studio. My office has been a workable studio, but I use it for a lot more than making YouTube videos. This meant I had to […]

Why I Attended Soonercon

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Soonercon has always surprised me in the best way. It’s a very well run pop culture convention near Oklahoma City with a solid attendance of 3,000 people. Cristi and I attended our first Soonercon in 2015, and over five years I sold more books there than almost any other convention. (which is significant, considering over […]

Las Vegas Adventure 2022

Celebrate Cristi

In late 2020, the threat of COVID was waning and word spread that Las Vegas was opening up. I immediately got the bug to go.

Up to Something

This will be a building year as I plan for that exit, because after I part ways with my job, I’ll be writing full time.

I Need To Slow Down

Clod and Ada

Occasionally, a reader will reach out and thank me for my books. Sometimes it’s a generous review, or they will stop by my booth at a con and say some kind words. Once, I even received a handwritten letter. More often, it’s a private email. Last week I received an email that was so profound […]