David’s books at a discount.

Win A Kindle Paperwhite – All Books On Sale

2021-06-06T11:01:13-05:00June 6th, 2021|Books, Promotions|

It's my birthday month, and I'm kicking off the celebration with a book promotion and a contest. Not only can you get all of my books on sale, you could win a Kindle Paperwhite! My books are all on sale now at Amazon from June 6th - June 13th! Entriss Online is on sale [...]

When I’m not writing I do a lot of marketing

2021-05-25T20:58:27-05:00August 21st, 2013|Cons, Promotions|

I know I'm supposed to write every day, and when someone asks me how to write a book that's the advice I give them. The truth is, it doesn't always happen. There are days my muse is whispering sweet somethings in the ear of another. That doesn't mean I stop. I take advantage of that [...]

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