How to Beat Up Robots in Your Living Room

Robo Recall

I’ve loved gaming since my parents purchased a Pong console in the mid 70s. Mom and Dad won the best parents award five years later when they bought an Atari 2600. The difference between the two consoles was mind boggling. We had gone from a white dot bouncing back and forth across the black television […]

Using Technology to Stay Social

Virtual Dinner

The official Kansas City Stay at Home Order went out March 12th. Three months later and I still like my cell-mate, er, wife. We often joke that this is a taste of retirement… you know, other than still having to work. We’ve done a good job following social-distancing rules but it didn’t take long to […]

The Wife Look – a guest post

Angie Wife Look

Recently my husband, author of the Angst series and this blog, published a post highlighting various ways he is “mean” to co-workers, friends and even me. While he thinks he’s mean, I tend to be sassy. When sass isn’t quite enough, I pull out my secret weapon. The Wife Look. If you’ve read my husband’s […]

I’m Mean to my Wife

As I grow older, I enjoy being a stay-off-my-lawn curmudgeon. I hate everyone like my wife hates dogs. While she doesn’t really hate dogs, and I don’t hate people, I get frustrated by thoughtlessness. People who tailgate when I’m already speeding, or when they don’t pick up their dog crap in my yard, or when […]

A Hairy Situation

David's Bald Spot

“Is that you on the cover?” She eyed the hero on my book, inspecting Angst’s gray hair and bald spot before looking at me with a mischievous grin. “Well, heh, no, not exactly.” I take a deep breath, preparing the explanation in my head. I’m distracted by the busy convention, and the words stumble out. […]

Stay Home & Read

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has me feeling a little helpless. As a knight in shining armor, cape at the ready superhero wannabe, this bug has left me staring in shock and awe. There are no dragons to slay, maidens to save, or maidens to save me. We’re on lockdown, which gave me an idea. We […]

Buried in Angst Now On Audiobook

Buried in Angst Audiobook

I mentioned in my hiatus blog post that I had several surprises planned for 2020, and the first one is here. Buried in Angst, the second novel in the Angst fantasy series is available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Michael Troughton When Michael Troughton agreed to narrate the first Angst audiobook, I was a […]


Marvel the corgi sitting in a bag

I’ve been in hiding the last few months. A whirlwind of holidays and family, puppies and remodeling, extra hours at the day job (too many), and a little writer’s block put much of my writing on hiatus over the last few months. It’s slowed work on my next book, kept me from writing blog posts, […]

All Good Things

Sarah and David toasting at Vast restaurant

After completing my first fantasy novel, Angst, in 2010, I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t in a place personally to face rejection letters from potential publishers. I’ve always been a grass roots sort of person, so I published it myself. Readers started buying ebooks, but selling more required marketing abilities beyond my skills. […]

Angst Team Profile: Sarah

Sarah and David at Booth

I was in line for a hot dog at one of my daughter’s Parent’s Night marching band rehearsals when a young woman approached. “You’re Joanne’s dad, right?” she asked. “Yeah,” I said, wondering what I had done wrong. “I loved Angst!” she said with a broad smile. “Oh, thank you,” I said, surprised. “How did […]