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David J. Pedersen is a native of Racine, WI who resides in his home town Kansas City, MO. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He has worked in sales, management, retail, video and film production, and IT. David has run 2 marathons, climbed several 14,000 foot mountains and marched in Thee University of Wisconsin Marching Band. He is a geek and a fanboy that enjoys carousing, picking on his wife and kids, playing video games, and slowly muddling through his next novel.

How Was Your Day?

Family Dinner

My parents ingrained good habits in me, and one was asking my kids about their day. Sometimes they’d lament, or be effusive, but I always asked. I wanted to know, like my parents did. Dinner was the only time we…

Tuesday Was Better

Marvel Corgi Hair

Monday, June 7th, my birthday, was garbage. Not the celebration before, not because of anyone or any specific thing, it was just a crap day. It happens. Tuesday was better. My book is cursed My birthday was full of oddities.…