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Entriss Online Audiobook Available Now

Entriss Online is available today on audiobook! Get your copy on Audible, Amazon and Apple.

The performance by Alex Knox is incredible. He does an amazing job bringing the book to life. Special thanks to Podium Audio for producing this audiobook. You can listen to a clip of Alex’s performance below.

Entriss Online Audiobook Trailer


Audiobook Blurb

Entriss Online was Ian’s life: by day, as one of their lead developers; by night, gaming as the accomplished Mandorf the Wizard.

Now, they are shutting down the game, and Ian has no way to stop them. After years of leveling up, both professionally and personally, everything he has worked for is going to end. His goggles-and-gloves virtual reality MMORPG is being replaced with Everyworld Online, a next-gen game that provided full immersion so players can experience a world that looks and feels real.

After stumbling on an unknown quest that kills anyone who approaches, Ian discovers an enormous amount of orphaned code that had never made it into the game. Moments before being fired, he checks in the code, enabling The Left Hand of God quest chain, an unexpected world event, and the frightening reality of a fully immersive Entriss Online.

If you enjoy VR LitRPG fantasies with a unique premise, surprising twists, and some good laughs, you’ll love Entriss Online. Includes a special note from the author.



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