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Marketing is not my long lost gift. I have the artistic sense of rice cakes, and am color blind enough that I wear the Garanimals my friends and family buy for me. A few things have worked in my marketing, a few things haven’t, and I’ve tried a lot. Sometimes I feel that finding readers who enjoy my books a little bit like winning the lottery. I’m very, very grateful to anyone who reads my books, and I feel there are more out there that just don’t know about my Angst fantasy series or Clod Makes A Friend. So, it’s time for another dart at the dartboard. Never give up, never surrender!

All of my books are now available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and Amazon Prime members who take advantage of the Kindle Owner Lending Library (KOLL). If you aren’t familiar, Kindle Unlimited (KU) is basically the Netflix of ebooks. There is a monthly subscription, and members can read as many books as they want that are a part of KU. KOLL is similar, Prime members can borrow one book from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library each calendar month.

Never Give Up

What does this mean for my books? To be a part of KU, the Angst books and Clod Makes A Friend are now exclusively at Amazon. It was a tough decision to remove them from Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and Google Play. Putting all of my eggs in one basket goes against every business and marketing instinct I have. As I’ve mentioned, those instincts are about as sharp as spoon, so maybe this is a good thing.

In the past, some of my readers have insisted on paying full price or go so far as asking how they should purchase my books so I make the most money (an incredibly flattering sentiment.) For any who would be concerned, thank you, and rest assured that Amazon pays KU and KOLL authors by pages read. That payment comes from a fund generated by your subscription or Prime membership.

Why did I do this? When I posted the news to my Facebook Page, one of my readers commented, “Thank you!! This way more people can read a series I have come to love.” I’m hoping this makes the books more accessible to readers who may have been reluctant to give them a try. Also, lots of people have downloaded Angst for free. This way, at least some can download all of them for free and I get paid. It seems a win-win to me.

If it doesn’t work, I can part ways with Kindle Unlimited at any time. A lot of authors jump in and out of KU like the water is really cold. Trying it out for awhile, taking advantage of the program, and then returning to wide distribution, then going back to KU at a later date. I have no definitive schedule for removing my books from KU. I’ll test the waters. If it goes really well, I’ll keep them in KU indefinitely.

Robin Thomas Hall Quote

If this affects you, if you purchase my ebooks through another retailer, feel free to express your concerns here or message me on Facebook. I’m not trying to ditch readers who have supported me, just trying to find more!

As always, thanks for your support, it means everything!

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