I’m pleased to announce that the rough draft of my fourth fantasy novel, Burning with Angst, is complete! I have sent off copies to the beta team for review and discussion. So far the feedback on early chapters has been excellent. Always a good sign. I have also scheduled time with my amazing editor, Danielle Fine, to clean things up.

Life is my obstacle course. There are always reasons my books take longer than I’d like, but I feel that it’s more important to write a good, entertaining novel than it is to rush out content. Honestly, if my editor were ever to say that a book needs a lot of work and I should do a full rewrite, I’d spend that time getting it right rather than releasing a sloppy book. (Fortunately, that’s never been the case!)

If you pre-ordered a copy of Burning with Angst, thank you for your order, and thank you for your patience! Even though I hadn’t set a release date, readers very kindly asked if they could pre-order copies back in February. I believe I told some that I’d try to finish by the end of summer, which was a pretty vague commitment. While technically that happened, it’ll be just a little longer before the editing and formatting process is done. That said, I really appreciate your support.

I’m really excited to share this new adventure! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Angst 4 Mock Book Cover

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