Until December 17th hits, there aren’t a lot of movies I’m geeked out about. Fortunately my nerd needs are still going to be met! It looks like television is going to turn me into a couch potato! (Which doesn’t actually require much prodding.) There is more to be excited about this fall than I remember.

Doctor Who

I’ll admit, I’m a closet Whovian. This is worthy of its own blog post, but somehow I can relate to an older man who goes on adventures with attractive companions. (Did I ever mention one of my favorite nicknames is Medic? Coincidence? Hmmm…) As of this blog post, there have been two episodes in the new season with Peter Capaldi. My family saw the first in the theatre and were taken aback by some of it – I was especially wary of the insults thrown back and forth between Clara and The Doctor. It felt a bit forced in “Deep Breath,” but totally worked in the second. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season.

Agents of SHIELD

The general consensus from my circle is that the show started out interesting, got a little boring, then ended strong. I really like how it tied into Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and couldn’t be more impressed that Marvel TV shows and films are in the same universe. Agents of SHIELD could really be great this season (and I’m really curious how Agent Carter will fit in) Kudos to ABC for giving it a second season. For all the times I’ve complained about my favorite shows getting cancelled, I’ll watch this just to support future nerd tv. 

The Flash

The Flash was really my first comic book hero to the point that he inspired me to become a runner when I was young. (While two marathons is a lot of inspiration, I wasn’t nearly as fast.) The original TV series came out when I was in college, and though a bit cheesy it was a lot of fun. Not only does this Flash look fun, special effects in the previews are fantastic. I’m pleased they are bringing back the original Flash John Wesley Shipp as Barry’s dad. My only issue is the costume. I’m hoping it gets destroyed in the first few episodes.


My wife and I binge-watched most of the 46 episodes, which is a LOT of television for me. (A LOT!) It’s a little thick on the drama, but that’s more of an observation than a complaint. They do a great job of telling two stories simultaneously with the flashbacks to his past. Arrow is also gritty enough that it’s not cheesy. No boxing glove or chimney sweep arrows thank you!


If I have any reservations about this list, it’s for Gotham. First of all, it’s on FOX, which tends to be the kiss of death for many nerd shows. (Firefly, Almost Human, etc.) So I’m wary to even invest the time. I also watch the Batman movies, and read the Batman comic books, because of Batman, who isn’t the focus of this series. That said, Smallville worked, but it was focused on Clark Kent, so we’ll see. I like the look of the show, the casting for the ‘bad guys’ is well done, and there is a lot they can do with the cast of characters they’ve already introduced in the preview.


DC and Marvel have both been struggling to figure out how to introduce their magic themed comics into the mainstream. I guess it’s easier to believe in super powers than magic? Or maybe just both at the same time? Marvel will be making the attempt with a Dr. Strange film, but I give props to DC for getting there first with Constantine. Based on the Vertigo comic Hellblazer, it was first made into a movie starring Keanu Reaves back in 2005. This time around he won’t smoke (broadcasting restrictions), and he’s not bisexual like the comics, because a morally questionable anti-hero battling demons would be a bad role model if he smoked and liked boys. Huh. Hopefully they don’t change too much because the preview does look pretty cool.


DC has really stepped up their game with television, and they are wise to continue pursuing this. My only gripe is about continuity. I’m sure it has more to do with contracts than storytelling, but I hate that they can’t tie all of their movies and television shows into the same universe like Marvel. There is no reason that Arrow and Flash from television couldn’t show up in the Batman v Superman Justice League movie. I don’t know about you, but that’s some of the stuff that I geek out over.
What shows am I missing? I’m sure there are more than a few…what are you looking forward to this fall?

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