…Good question 🙂

Last week I released the first 16 chapters of my 3rd Angst novel into the wild. The alpha team is hopefully enjoying them now, and on the verge of hating where I left the story. Mwa ha ha! I’ve actually written 2/3rds of Drowning in Angst, and am working on filling in that all important middle part. You know, the story.

Minor spoiler if you haven’t read my 2nd fantasy novel Buried in Angst… but if you have, you probably remember that I left a few, tiny cliffhangers at the end. *Ahem* While they really pushed the series in the direction I wanted, they have made the 3rd installment a challenge.

More than ever, I really feel the need to be careful. I introduced a lot at the end of book 2 and could easily dive too deep into those stories. I don’t want to dilute the main story of Angst and his friends, so I’m taking my time to be careful. It’s tricky, and more time consuming than I expected.

It’s really important to me that my fantasy novels are fun and easy to read, but remain interesting enough to hold your attention. That sort of balance becomes precarious when you have multiple dangling plot threads. Those threads could easily live on their own, but I really feel that each of them needs to feed into the main story to remain relevant. <Insert deep sigh> While I’m having fun, it’s not nearly as easy as I thought it would be.

The important thing is I feel really good about what I’ve written so far. (If I didn’t, I’d start over.) The beginning, and ending, of each book is clear in my head as if I just watched it in the theater. (Wouldn’t that be nice!) While the path may be a little bumpy, I really do know where I’m headed…most of the time.
Aside from personal tragedy or Yellowstone blowing up (what could possibly go wrong?), I expect to publish Drowning in Angst in 2014. My goal is to complete it by the end of the summer, and then apologize when I’m late.