It’s hard to believe a year has passed since my first Science Fiction & Fantasy convention! In 2012 I was looking for another way to share Angst beyond the awesomeness of Twitter and Facebook. I wanted to meet and spend time with people who were into the stuff I love and am writing about. I knew that going to conventions was the best way, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to find one of the great cons in my own home town. ConQuesT was the perfect start to my con adventures!

For all the fun I’ve had this year at other conventions, ConQuesT holds a special place in my heart. It seems only fitting that the release of my second fantasy novel, Buried in Angst, happens at ConQuesT 44! So we are going to celebrate by throwing a party!  Saturday night starting at 6pm in the Monarch room of CoCo Key in Kansas City! (9103 E 39th St S, Kansas City, MO 64133 by the stadium)

  • Every 15 minutes we will be giving away a prize – including shirts, books, and posters!
  • Cristi will be there looking amazing in costume and signing posters!
  • Get your picture taken with Cristi and the giant sword Chryslaenor!
  • Cake! (What else can you say, cake is awesome!)
  • Dramatic Reading of the chapter that the book cover is based on!
  • Be one of the first to purchase a copy of Buried in Angst!

The book release party Saturday night is going to be fun, and I can’t even put into words how excited I am! (Sometimes, there just aren’t enough explanation marks!) I hope you can stop by, but if you can’t we will do our best to share pictures and highlights on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

But wait, there’s more (insert cheesy grin here.) I’m moderating and attending a bunch of panels at ConQuest, and I’m looking forward to all of them. The topics are fun, and the conversation won’t get boring so please drop in and have your say:

Panels – Times – Events – Rooms
Friday 4:00pm Star Trek Into Darkness Review (Imperial) – Moderating…hell yeah!
Friday 8:00pm Dark/Funny in SciFi/Fantasy (Monarch) – Moderating

Saturday 10:00am Digital Comics and the Future of Comics (Imperial)
Saturday 3:00pm Books on Tour (Embassy)
Saturday 6:00pm – 8:00ish Angst Party (Monarch)

Sunday 10:00am Theme’d for Your Pleasure Podcast (Monarch)
Sunday 1:00pm Writing Humor (Embassy) – Moderating

My friend, and official Angst artist, Heather Uebel has been creating some amazing, I mean, absolutely insanely incredibly amazing art that I can use for promotional purposes. If you are looking for an artist, you can’t go wrong hiring her! (More about Heather in a future post, I promise!) Heather created this incredible image of Chryslaenor, exactly where it was left at the end of Angst, and just as I imagine it in the first chapter of Buried in Angst. What else could I do but throw it on this ultra-cool Angst T-shirt. This T-Shirt was designed for ConQuesT. You could win this shirt at the party. If you don’t win, don’t fret, because we will also be selling it for $15.

I also need to let everyone know my wife, the lovely Angie Pedersen, will be at ConQuesT promoting her new book The Star Trek Craft Book: Make it So. (She will be in the dealer room, and teaching a class on several of the crafts found in the book. Be sure to stop by and check out her awesome book from Simon and Schuster – she has a limited supply so don’t wait!

Finally, a shoutout to everyone who makes ConQuesT happen, especially Kat Donovan! I truly am grateful for the opportunity to promote my novels at this convention, thank you!

Can’t wait to see everyone there!