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Oops, I may have written two books by accident…

So…I may have written two books by accident. It’s not terrible, as accidents go, but I’m sort of beside myself.

Too Many Words

The rough draft of Buried in Angst was already 120,000 words deep and I wasn’t done. I probably had another 60,000 words to go. In perspective, Angst is 125,000 words and its not a short book. Fantasy readers love long books, right? I loved all 175,000 words in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so it could work.

Too Much Going On

The story felt squished, like I was trying to fit in too much. I made some great promises to myself like, more character development, and addressing great questions brought up by readers. It was all set aside for story, story, story.

Two Different Books

A friend and alpha team member suggested that everything I wanted to do sounded like two different books. It took awhile for that to sink in. I couldn’t see past my vision of how the book should end. After sitting on this idea for several weeks, it finally hit me that she was right.

Moar Angst

I’ve been so determined to make Angst 2 better and bigger and more than the first that I lost sight of some things that are important to me about my writing. I work hard to make my novels fun, compelling with a few twists, while keeping the story an easy read. Trying to throw in too much was taking away from this.

A Good Thing

This means that I’m almost done with the rough draft for book 2. (!!!!!!) I’m in the process of reworking a few things, but after some brainstorming I’m happier than ever with how the book is going to wrap up. (I gave my wife a hint of the ending, and it literally gave her goosebumps. Mwa ha ha.) I’m also excited to share that I’m also about 1/3rd done with book 3 already! Pretty sure this is the best oops I’ve made since my son (just kidding).

Alpha Team

Since this revelation I’ve been sharing chapters with my alpha team almost every week, and the feedback has been all positive! Unless another epiphany slaps me upside the head, (please no) Buried in Angst will be 64 chapters (of awesome fun). The alpha team has all chapters through 45, and I only need to write five more. If the universe doesn’t hate me too much I should be done with the rough draft before the end of the year.

Beta Team

Once I flesh things out per their suggestions I’ll then share with the beta team. The beta team gets a full manuscript, and often has a different perspective than the alpha team. I’ll make further changes based on their recommendations before a final edit and release. While that seems like a lot, Angst 2 is now closer than ever!

I May Have Written Two Books

I may have written two books, or a book and a half, but that only means more Angst!

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