Fantasy Art

I love art, but I’ve never had an eye for it. I tell people it’s because I’m red-green color blind (the same excuse I use for wearing mismatched clothes). Show me a piece of modern art and I’ll smile and nod and wonder what I’m doing in that museum. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the artist, and that they are expressing themselves, but often my little-art-brain just doesn’t get it. Thankfully, there is fantasy art.

Spectrum Fantastic Art

My wife, daughter and I spent the afternoon at Spectrum Fantastic Art show in Kansas City. Suddenly, I’m a fan of art. This con showcases some amazing talent who express their love of fantasy in beautiful ways.

Come With Money

There were original pieces being sold for over $20K. Angie and I had a fun conversation of how amazing it would be to decorate an entire house with paintings from this show. Everything was on display, including traditional fantasy, commercial, and erotica (according to my 13 yo daughter, there were too many boobs).

Fantasy Art Will Inspire You

Second, it was inspiring. The fantasy art at this show was full of what-if inspirations. I may have said, “this gives me a great idea” a billion times. So many pieces we saw were instant triggers for ideas. I’m excited.

Meet The Artists

Finally, I got to meet people. A Twitter friend, Eric Wieringa kindly asked me to visit his booth. It was a pleasure to meet Eric and see his amazing work.

Old Friends

The highlight of my weekend was seeing old friends Jeff Miracola and his lovely and talented wife Silvia Acevedo.  Jeff’s work with Magic: The GatheringWorld of Warcraft, and his children’s book Monster Isle is both highly acclaimed and well known. Everything Silvia has accomplished is equally impressive, and the biography on her site doesn’t even scratch the surface of what she has done. To say it was a treat to see them both is an understatement, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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