I’m too excited for this coming weekend’s convention!  Below is my schedule for booth time and a
list of panels I’ll be participating in.
Be sure to stop by and visit if you’re at the Con!

ConQuestKC is this coming Memorial Day Weekend — May 25-27, 2012. Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center, Kansas City, MO  You can learn more about the show on their site www.conquestkc.org

Friday                   05-25-12
12:00 Dealer room opens
5:00   Benton Room B  Star Wars: The Saga Continues: Movies, TV,
Books, Games, oh my!  The Star Wars
universe continues to expand with new books, video games, and movie
re-releases.  Not to mention the Clone
Wars cartoon and the in the works TV Series!
6:00  Dealer room closes
6:00  Benton Room B  Cancelled
before their time: A Discussion on the favorite TV shows that could have used
another season or five as well as theories on where the plotlines would have
taken us.
Saturday              05-26-12
10:00 Dealer room opens
5:00  Atlanta Ballroom The Campbell Conference  — Some authors are ditching the print
industry all together and making a nice living off of the self publishing and
novella trade for ebook.  We’ll talk
about the different writing styles of the two markets and why one might be more
for you than another.
6:00  Dealer room closes
Sunday                 05-27-12
10:00     Dealer room
11:00     Benton Room B  Star Trek: The saga continues. New movies,
books, video games. Why is star trek the voyage that keeps on going?
2:00       Northrup
Room  Family Friendly and Hopeful:  Yesterday’s SciFi  – Relive the good old days of Lost in Space,
Star Trek, and Stargate, where the good guys always won and the heroes never
died.  Can this style of Scifi survive in
the world today, or is the failing of a show like Terra Nova a sign that the
lighter side of the genre is dead?
4:00       Dealer Room