A New Cover for Angst!

When I finished writing my first fantasy novel, Angst, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I threw together a cover so I could print copies to thank the friends and family who helped get me this far. Shortly after publishing, I realized that I needed a new cover for Angst.

The Original

I really wanted a traditional fantasy cover with heroes in armor fighting bad guys…yeah, unfortunately I’m not an artist at all.  No matter how hard I tried, everything I put together with people looked awful.  After removing humans from the equation, I drew out the map, took a picture of an old sword and wrapped some lightning around it, and voila, I had a serviceable fantasy cover for friends.

Good Timing

In spite of some gracious compliments, the book was live and needed a new cover. As I get closer to finishing Buried in Angst, I felt now was a good time to make the change.  Not only to improve the look of the first book, but for consistency with the second book.

Vuk Kostik

After some research, I found Vuk Kostic. Vuk, a student in Serbia, has some amazing work on his Deviant Art page. In spite of a few language barriers, he was extremely patient with me as he worked through my requests to produce this new cover.

Artist Interpretation

There are a few things in this new book cover I left to artistic interpretation. The monster at the end of Angst is different than on the cover, but he is so bad-ass-looking that I felt it best stick with Vuk’s interpretation. The grey men in the ‘pit’ with pole arms are shadowy, which is very much Vuk’s style and I feel they add some action without distracting from Angst, Rose, or the giant monster. I love Chryslaenor, and the red cloak Angst is wearing.

Angst Books with Vuk Cover

Fun Project

This has been an incredibly fun project, and one of several things I’m doing to ramp up marketing. I already have some great ideas for the cover of Buried in Angst and look forward to the day I can share that cover too. Let me know what you think, and be sure to check out Vuk’s other work: http://chevsy.deviantart.com/

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