Things I’m Bad At

There are a lot of things I’m bad at, starting with patience. My patience for finishing the sequel to Angst is running out; it’s enough to turn my hair grey. (Oh…wait) The book is coming along well and I’m enjoying the story, but life needs to get out of the way so I can finish. Yeah, I struggle with patience. It’s worse than watching me eat in public or paint a room in my house.

Painting And Spaghetti

Somehow I manage to get more paint on me, and under the tarp, than on the walls. Painting in my house also means new carpet. I don’t mind doing it, but you would think the room was painted by a tornado. Let’s just stay the same thing happens when I eat spaghetti.


I’m dealing with some unexpected insecurity about my next book: Buried in Angst. I’m meeting with my alpha team to discuss what they think of the rough draft so far. I’m excited, but also a little nervous. It’s not like they are an angry mob of Nordruaut, but they will tell me the truth. Insecurity drives me crazy.


I’m bad at Twitter. Actually, terrible. Almost 5,000 people, bots, marketing professionals, and Lord Voldemorts have been kind enough to follow me. I find it near-impossible to squish my brain into 140 characters. Fortunately, most follow me for my books and not my tweets.

I’m Bad At More Things

This list could go on forever. Unfortunately, procrastination is something I’m good at. Which is bad. Either way, I should really go work on book 2.

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  1. Honesty is not always the best policy when I think of Twitter. I will admit to skimming the tweets you send that are not about Angst, Angst2 or you and your wife's doings. I have followed two others based on what you have tweeted, but only one close enough to put them on a list that I check often in one day. When there is a semi-flood of tweets that are not inline with the above subjects them I readily admit I do not even bother to read them, but this pertains to more than just you as it has impacted others that I follow, some to the point that I either removed them from a list or unfollowed them when the non-interest level was too massive to put up with. I do not envision this happening in your case as the interest level has remained high.

  2. I will click on post links in my twitter stream if the title catches my eye. Doesn't matter who tweets it. However, if I'm in a hurry, I skim twitter and look for people to interact with and ignore the post links.

    I've had dreams like yours, too. Though lately, Davy Jones has been showing up in them. Not sure why. Maybe I'm channeling.

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