When I was young, more than a little while ago, my parents used to borrow very old 8mm film (check out that link) from the library to share the Laurel and Hardy films their parents enjoyed.  I remember going to our local Mid-ContinentPublic Library and wandering through the shelves looking for some forgotten tome that may actually include something magical or unknown.  I read everything I could.  In my grade school library I discovered KingArthur, his Knights and their Ladies, my first introduction to fantasy that was quickly followed by Piers Anthony’s Xanth series.

After my mom ‘made me’ watch the Camelot musical with Richard Harris on HBO, I found a bound version of the script in my middle-school library. There was something magical about that book, and to this day Camelot is my all-time favorite musical (next to Les Miserables).  When I was in college at University ofWisconsin – Madison, I couldn’t study in my dorm room, or the ‘study’ area.  I usually had to lock myself into a the cages at Memorial Library in order to focus enough to muddle through my tests.

I’ve always had a love for libraries.  The dewey decimal systemcard catalogs (remember those? wow am I aging myself now) and the smell – the smell of print on aging paper, almost as good as the smell of old comic books.  I owe a lot to libraries, and only have fond memories for them.

It’s rare that someone can afford to buy every book they read.  I’ve gotten DMs from Twitter followers unable to find Angst in libraries.  I’m always touched that they look, but it’s unrealistic for any library to purchase the first fantasy novel of a virtually unknown indie writer.  There is nothing I’d like more than to send every library a copy of my first book, but just as libraries have a budget, so do I.   Therefore…
CONTEST TIME!  This one is easy!  Post the name and address of your local public library in the comments section below. I will randomly choose 10 libraries, contact them, and send them a copy of Angst for their collections.  Contest deadline is February 29th. This contest is restricted to the United States (sorry).  Feel free to post or tweet questions, and thanks in advance for entering!