This has been a fun week filled with more positive feedback about Angst.  I’ve been somewhat successful at getting a few distribution chores out of the way, and I’m making good progress on Angst 2.

Angst is now available on Smashwords .  This should place it in the Apple iBook store, Borders, Sony, Kobo, and more.  I also submitted Angst to be included in the new Google ebook store, hopefully it will be available there soon as well.

This weekend @angst_fan and I are meeting with a friend’s husband, an artist with some new book covers ideas.  I just ordered a new high quality microphone and hope to start recording the audiobook for Angst early next week.  (I think it should turn out okay as long as I don’t sing).  I’ll try to post a few minutes of the recording to my blog for opinions (or laughs).

Most important, a quick thanks to some awesome twitter friends!  Thanks to @Bryndled1 for the review on @FantasyFaction site!  @Thesleepingwolf for his kind Amazon review @Mnm_010 and @angst_fan for their reviews on B&N  I really appreciate the support and am truly inspired to work hard on Angst 2.

I think I’ll go get the weekend started!